What Is Yahtzee?

What Is Yahtzee?

Yahtzee is one of the most favoured and cherished games of players who love dice games. All you need is five dice, a pen, and some scorecards to keep track of results. The game is perfect for the game night of the family reunion. Just fill in your scorecard as the dice rolls and add the results to see who wins.

The article explains what is Yahtzee and how to become a pro at winning at both offline and online modes of the game. You can implement these simple tricks in your game to increase your chance of win the game.


What is Yahtzee and what is its place of origin?

The game of dice is played by people around the world for 80 years now. The goal is to throw the dice when the turn comes and reach the desired combination of numbers. The combinations are written on the scorecard. The less the probability of getting a combination, the higher the reward.

Players keep on playing and at the end, the player having the greatest number of combinations on a scorecard is declared the winner. The game was first played in the 1940s and was called Yatzie. The local game attracted Edwin S. Lowe, who also invented Bingo, to make and sell the game under the name Yahtzee.

The publishing and manufacturing of the game were taken over from Low in 1973 by the Milton Bradley Company. Currently, the game is being manufactured and marketed by Hasbro. The company boasts of selling 50 million games every year around the world.

How to become a pro in Yahtzee?

The rules are simple and are somewhat similar to Bongo. Playing Yahtzee requires two players. But it is advised to keep the group of players not more than 4 as the game keeps dragging on for long. If the number of players is more, it is advised to make two or more groups.

Each group will need five dice, a pencil and scorecards. A combination of numbers is mentioned on the scorecard. There are 13 combinations to cross. To understand the minute details and variations, the back of the score card can be consulted.

You will also observe that the player is endowed 35 point bonus if they manage to get over 63 points as mentioned in the upper section. The player can earn additional yahtzees to the lower section and earn 100 points.

To start the game, five dice are rolled. After that, any one of the dice is re-rolled. It takes you to the final combination. The process is repeated until the scorecard is all checked with combinations or time runs out. The player with the highest number of Yahtzees or combination wins.

There are 13 combinations in total on the scorecard. If your lady luck is shining on you, you may get a blockbuster win of 13 yahtzees.

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